Fixed Price Tax Returns

Fixed Price Tax Returns for all individual and business filing types catered to each unique situation. All pricing is fixed, except in specific situations where the client's situation does not meet the fixed pricing model. Go here to get started.


Customized Accounting Services and Fractional CFO

Services catered to the individual needs of the client ranging from taxes, bookkeeping, consulting, etc. Need a CFO level mindset without the full time CFO cost? This is where Fractional CFO services comes in. Click here to see what services we provide.


Employee Retention Credit

It’s a fully refundable tax credit for a percentage of the qualified wages you pay employees. It’s applied to your federal payroll tax liability. Any excess credit amount is refundable. Its free to find out the extent of your credit. Click here to find out more.

We take care of the finances so you can take care of what matters.

We provide unique customized experience where the client receives the needed service at either a fixed or customized price, depending on what better benefits the client. Simply fill out the form, pay your customized price, and look for an email that will give you access to our client portal. This will give you the ability to contact our CPA, and chat about any specific requests or questions. You can also upload all pertinent tax documents, and chat about your return all in a secure environment.


Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

With Daniel Lee CPA, our clients are what matter. Our success is recognized in the satisfaction of our clients. We make our clients what matters, so you can do what matters to you.


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If you have a question before getting started, use the form below to get in touch.

If you have a question before getting started, use the form below to get in touch.